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Who we are, mission and values

Who we are

At the foothill of the highest mountain of Portugal mainland, more precisely in Covilhã, Yes Energy was born.

A brand owned by ENFORCESCO SA, a spin-off, of ENFORCE, created with the purpose of having in its group, an energy services company; hence the name ESCO - Energy Service Company.

Inserted in a solid business group with more than 20 years of activity, in the area of ​​energy engineering, Yes Energy is the logical evolution of the YLCE (Yes Low Cost Energy) brand, which assumed itself in 2013 as the first low cost company, for the area of ​​energy commercialization in Portugal.

With the main objective of providing cheaper energy and a differentiating service of excellency, according to the know-how and experience acquired. This allow us to help Clients to efficiently use the energy they consume.

Our team is composed by experienced, effective and dynamic elements, focused on the energy market and on providing excellent assistance to our Clients, Private and Business.


Our Mission is to allow all Customers to have access to an energy price, closer to the market value, without the added costs, of the structures of large energy companies.

We provide a close link between the prices of the energy market and the final consumer, combined with a quality and proximity service, which guarantees greater customer satisfaction.


Yes Energy Values ​​are based on Quality principles, whose main objective is to increase the satisfaction of Customers and Employees:

• Identify the needs and expectations of the Client, continuously evaluating the results;

• Establish objectives, regularly and sustainably improving the use of available resources;

• Promote the training and experience of its Employees, encouraging innovation;

• Ensure that all Employees are guided according to the Quality Management System.

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